Kerr Konnect

We'll drive you wherever you need to go, as long as it is within our 10-mile service area.


A 10-mile radius doesn't seem very far, but our drivers have traveled over 170,000 miles within this area since 2018, when Kerr◆Konnect began service in the area.

Kerr◆Konnect drivers are area residents that choose to give back by giving folks a lift! They are dedicated to helping members keep their independence. Trained volunteer drivers use their own vehicles, choose rides that fit into their schedule, and truly enjoy meeting and assisting Kerr◆Konnect members during their rides.

Drivers call you in advance to let you know they are your driver for your upcoming ride. Drivers meet you at the door and help you get in and out of the vehicle. Drivers will wait for you whenever possible, but they are not required to stay for the length of your appointment.

If you will need help carrying packages to your door, we ask for advance notice when you schedule a ride. We will make sure that your driver is aware you will need assistance.

The goal of a driver is to safely pick you up, transport you to your appointments, errands, and return you to your home or final destination. What they give you is a smile, the help you need, and good conversation if you're in the mood.

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