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Kerr◆Konnect Drivers Make It Happen

As a Kerr◆Konnect Driver, your goal is to safely pick up and transport riders to their appointments or other errands and return them to their home or final destination.

As A Driver

  • Set your own schedule. ( 1 ride per week or more.)
  • Choose your rides online.  Our online ride platform allows you to see the upcoming ride route, specific member ride information, time, date, and specific destination details.
  • Use your own vehicle.
  • No cash handling, all rides are prepaid.
  • Brief training to ensure your comfort level. Training: 1.5 hrs
  • Additional insurance coverage is provided with continued support.
  • We offer a Gas Cost Reimbursement Program.
  • Receive amazing gratitude from everyone you meet.
  • We offer continued assistance whenever you need us.

Driver Requirements

21 + years of age or better, background check, valid driver’s license, current auto insurance, safe driving record, complete our written application, and driver training program.

Driver Assistance

With the help of H-E-B, Kerr◆Konnect offers a Gas Expense Reimbursement Program. Volunteers accumulate mileage through the miles they have traveled on behalf of Kerr Konnect. 

For every 75 miles a volunteer drives, the volunteer will receive a $10 H-E-B gas/grocery card.  Miles are accrued over two months and volunteers are individually notified each cycle.

How It Works

  • Office hours: 9-5, M-F
  • Pick-up times are between 8:15 am and 4:30 pm.
  • Driver must call the rider to let the rider know they will be picking them up, 48 to 24 hours before the ride.
  • Members/riders are allowed 1 ride per day, 3 rides per week maximum.
  • Online member access is available for booking rides.
  • Members must call the office to cancel or change rides. Changes can not be made with the driver. Minimum of 48 hours notice when changing a destination. 
  • Drivers cannot accept tips and do not handle money.
  • We cannot accommodate wheelchairs at this time.
  • Special ride options such as pet rides (rides to the Veterinarian), deliveries (grocery store/pharmacy curbside pick-up), and shopping (assistance). This assistance is offered pending an available volunteer.
  • Roundtrip rides are kept to 1.5 hours. Rides may vary from a quick drop-off (15 minutes) to a regular roundtrip (1.5 hours). Drivers are not required to stay at a rider’s appointment.

We currently provide 60-75 rides per week. The community demand is over 150 per week.

Stories From The Road

My wife, Sandra, and I were consistently picking an elderly couple up from the grocery store every two weeks loaded with two carts full of groceries.  Of course, we’d help load them into our car and again unload and bring them into their house.  They were always so thankful and insisted on giving us something in return.  It might be some cookies, or some tea bags or magazines, etc. 
Not to insult their desire to give back, we learned that she liked to write poems, so we asked if she would write one for us.  So at our next appt., she gave us a beautiful poem that was fully decorated with stickers.  My wife and I loved it and said from here on out, we would greatly appreciate a poem vs. any other gift. 
From then on, we receive a poem from her every time we pick them up, and even sometimes in the mail at random.  Her poems are all about the love of God and being so grateful for our help.  We have kept everyone and cherish them.
This is just one example of the love we receive from our riders.  The saying is definitely true, we receive more than we give. 
Jim Nowinski
My hubby and I are drivers and occasionally we ride together on big grocery shopping days.  One of our more memorable encounters was with a married couple and their adult son who is blind.  Over time, we’ve gotten to know them rather well and shared with them our ages and they did as well. 
They also mentioned that one of their birthdays was coming up and we encouraged them to use KK to celebrate, maybe eat out or do something they might enjoy.  We told them it doesn’t always have to be a doctor or a grocery trip.  Every now and then it’s okay to plan something special; a trip to the river trail for a walk, a picnic, lunch out, etc. 
Anyway, they took our advice and they were so excited.  But the most amazing experience for us was they shared that they couldn’t remember the last time they had been to a restaurant.  They thought it had been at least 3 years.  Very humbling indeed.  All our riders are so kind and grateful but we are equally blessed to serve.  It’s such a needed service for this area. 
Sandra Nowinski 
After the mask mandate was dropped, I picked up a rider who was wearing a mask. I asked if she wanted me to put mine on. Her reply was, “Oh, no. I just put this on because I did not want to put my dentures in today.” 
Mary Ann Moss
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