Kerr Konnect

Getting Started

The genesis for Kerr◆Konnect came from consistent concerns voiced by people in the community having trouble getting to various providers for their services.  In 2015 a study group was formed to explore the state of public-style transportation in Kerrville which evolved into the Transportation Planning Council in March 2016.

The Council included representatives of groups that were affected by the scarcity of reliable transportation alternatives in Kerr County, including churches, social service agencies, the recovery community, Peterson Medical system, the Dietert Center, veterans, the homeless, and the MHDD system.

The Planning Council sponsored a public town hall-type meeting at the Dietert Center in August 2016 to solicit input from the community.  That fall approximately 3000 surveys were distributed to Kerrville residents, mid to low-income apartments (as identified by the Chamber of Commerce), and the recovery community through recovery houses, and social service agencies including Raphael Clinic and Kerr County MHDD.  About 750, or 25%, of the surveys, were returned.

Kerr◆Konnect began serving the residents of Kerr County in October of 2018.

Our Mission is to connect the Kerrville area community by providing safe and reliable transportation that will help maintain independence and enhance quality of life.

Our vision is that of a citizenry confident it has a means of transportation to destinations they wish to reach in order to live productive, healthy and engaged lives.

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