Kerr Konnect

We’re a volunteer-driven non-profit, offering low-cost rides to individuals in the Texas Hill Country who reside within a 10-mile radius of the Kerr County Courthouse.

How To Become A Member

We currently have a wait time of 6+ months for ride membership. We encourage you to put your name on our waiting list which is updated monthly with new members. You can call us to see where you are on the waiting list.


  • Must be a member to schedule rides. 
  • All fees are paid in advance; no cash is needed at the time of the ride.
  • To become a member: When your name reaches the top of the wait list, we will send you a membership application.  Complete the application and return it with your initial payment of $36, and we will sign you up!
  • $20 annual membership fee.
  • $16 that is put in your account. Rides fees are subtracted from your account as you take them.
  • Ride cost: $2 for a one-way ride and $4 for a round trip.
  • We will alert you when your account gets below $8 unless you sign up for an automatic credit card refill.
  • You can book up to 3 roundtrip rides per week.
  • Age 18 & over; care-giver over the age of 18 welcome.
  • Qualified service dogs are allowed.  
  • Can walk with the assistance of a cane or walker (no wheelchair assistance at this time).
  • Request a ride by phone or online.
  • Financial assistance is available on a case-by-case basis.

Once you become a member.

  • Rides are limited so booking a ride 1-2 weeks in advance is highly suggested.
  • You can book a ride no less than two business in advance, but we do not guarantee availability. 
  • Drivers will call you in advance to confirm your ride.
  • Kerr◆Konnect Drivers have magnetic vehicle signs so you know they’re Kerr◆Konnect Drivers.
  • Drivers will wait for you whenever possible, but they are not required to stay for the length of your appointment.
  • Trained Kerr◆Konnect Volunteer Drivers use their own vehicles.
  • When your name reaches the top of the waiting list we’ll call you to confirm your interest, then we’ll send you a membership application. 
  • Common rides:  grocery store, pharmacy, doctor/medical appointments, counseling, therapy, beauty salon, shopping, social centers, volunteering, and work. Your destination must be within our 10-mile coverage area.

Office Information

9 AM – 5 PM, Monday-Friday, no weekend service.

Phone messages will be returned on the same day, usually within an hour if you call during regular office hours.

Messages left on weekends will be returned the following Monday.

Our office is also powered by volunteers! 

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