Kerr Konnect

Help Is Just Around The Corner

Rider Assistance

Through the kindness of volunteers and multiple local non-profit collaborations, we have opened the doors to extended services. These services and ride options have been added to help ease the anxiety of our members who face roadblocks to their independence on a daily basis.

Helping Hand Program

Sometimes it is impossible to add another expense to a fixed income. Kerr◆Konnect is sensitive to the need for ride assistance. We offer financial assistance for those who qualify. The Helping Hand Program offers payment for annual membership fees and ongoing ride fees. Please contact us for additional information.

Pet Rides

We offer our members transportation to veterinarians within our service area. Many individuals have forever friends and service animals that also need regular care. Pets must be in a plastic or fabric animal carrier (no metal crates) when being transported. Pet rides are scheduled at least 7 business days prior to the appointment.

Shopping Assistance

Getting around the grocery store can be a tremendous task when you have physical disabilities. We understand that some folks just need another person to help them reach the shelves or read the labels.

Shopping assistance is performed by volunteers who care deeply about the people we serve. This assistance requires a large time commitment from a volunteer, so it is important that these rides are booked 1-2 weeks in advance to allow time for a volunteer to pick it up from the schedule.


Kerr◆Konnect began delivery service during the pandemic, and it has become a great go-to for many members. A member must call the store, place the order, and pay in advance for items they need to be picked up curbside. Requests for Delivery pick-up rides must be made two business days in advance.

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